Application of Double Shot Keycaps on RGB Mechanical Keyboards

PBT Double Shot Keycaps

Double shot keycap, when paired with RGB (Red-Green-Blue) mechanical keyboards, significantly boost the keyboard’s aesthetic and functional appeal. This melding of quality keycaps with customizable RGB lighting yields a visually impressive and effective keyboard setup.

DURGOD PBT double-shot keycaps with RGB light effects

Complementary Features

  1. Improved Light Transmission:
    • Double-shot keycaps typically feature translucent material for legends, allowing RGB lighting to illuminate the text more vividly. This not only enhances visibility but also amplifies the overall lighting effect.
  2. Aesthetics and Customization:
    • The sharp, clear legends of the keycaps, alongside dynamic RGB lighting, create a captivating visual experience. Users can tailor the lighting to complement the keycap color scheme or establish specific themes.
  3. Enhanced Durability for Intensive Use:
    • Designed for longevity, double-shot keycaps maintain their legibility and aesthetics even with heavy usage. Importantly, the RGB lighting doesn’t lead to fading or wear on the key legends.
  4. Versatility in Design:
    • With a wide array of color options and styles, double shot keycaps enable personalization of RGB keyboards to user preferences, suitable for gaming setups, professional use, or personal workspaces.

Impact on RGB Keyboard Market

  1. Growing Popularity:
    • The synergy of RGB lighting with durable, aesthetically pleasing double-shot keycaps is gaining traction in the mechanical keyboard market, especially among enthusiasts and gamers.
  2. Market Differentiation:
    • To stand out in a competitive field, manufacturers often highlight double-shot keycaps in their high-end RGB keyboards as a unique selling point.
  3. Influence on User Choice:
    • The inclusion of double-shot keycaps becomes a decisive factor for users selecting an RGB mechanical keyboard, given their durability and improved lighting effects.

Future Potential

  1. Innovation in Double Shot Technology:
    • Technological advancements may yield more sophisticated designs and better light diffusion in double-shot keycaps, further enriching RGB effects.
  2. Sustainable Materials:
    • The development of eco-friendly materials for the keycaps could meet the increasing demand for sustainable tech products.


The integration of double-shot keycaps with RGB mechanical keyboards presents an ideal blend of durability, beauty, and functionality. This combination attracts a broad audience, from gamers desiring a visually dynamic and resilient setup to professionals valuing a personalized and efficient typing experience. As technology evolves, we anticipate further innovations that will elevate the visual and functional aspects of RGB mechanical keyboards.


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