DURGOD K100 Magnetic Series

K100 magnetic mechanical keybaord 80% mechanical keyboard

Exploring the Flexibility and Playability of Durgod’s K100 Magnetic Switch Keyboards

K100 Silvery

K100 Icy

The Durgod K100 magnetic keyboard redefines flexibility and playability, appealing particularly to keyboard enthusiasts and gamers.

The cutting-edge keyboard drive, tailor-made for Durgod, introduces a groundbreaking user experience. It provides unparalleled customization options for key switch actuation travel distances, which can be adjusted anywhere from 0.1 to 4.0mm. This feature allows users to precisely set and modify the actuation point of each key, greatly enhancing both gaming and typing dynamics. Moreover, the exceptional 8000 Hz polling rate delivers incredibly responsive feedback, a critical advantage for gamers where timing is everything.

Another remarkable capability is the keyboard’s key change flexibility. With DKS, MT, and TGL modes, users gain the freedom to perform multiple actions with a single key, pushing the boundaries of keyboard functionality.

These innovative features make Durgod’s magnetic switch keyboards a premier choice for individuals seeking superior performance, extensive customization, and an enhanced user experience. With the brand new launched Gateron 20T Magnetic Switch, immediately boost and maximize your gaming performance with DURGOD K100!


Discover the future of keyboard technology at DURGOD, where innovation, personalization, and performance converge.

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