How do computers detect multiple keys being pressed on a keyboard at the same time, even though keyboards only have one input port per key?

Computers are able to detect multiple keys being pressed simultaneously on a keyboard through a technology known as “N-Key Rollover” (NKRO). This feature is crucial for both gamers and professionals who need to execute complex key combinations without any missed inputs. Here’s how it works and why it’s beneficial:

Understanding N-Key Rollover (NKRO):

  1. Key Matrix and Scanning: Keyboards work by using a grid of circuits under the keys, known as a matrix. When a key is pressed, it closes a circuit at the intersection of a row and a column in this grid. The keyboard’s controller scans this matrix at a high frequency to detect any closed circuits, indicating which keys are pressed.
  2. Handling Simultaneous Presses: In standard keyboards (without NKRO), pressing multiple keys at the same time can lead to “ghosting” — a phenomenon where additional, non-pressed keys are registered. This happens because the keyboard’s controller can’t accurately discern all the closed circuits when multiple intersections are involved.
  3. N-Key Rollover Solution: NKRO-capable keyboards are designed to handle any number of keys being pressed simultaneously and ensure each keypress is detected and sent to the computer. This is achieved by either isolating each key switch electronically or by sophisticated wiring and circuit designs that prevent ambiguity in the key matrix.

Benefits of NKRO for Users:

  • Accuracy: Ensures that every key press is registered, regardless of how many other keys are being pressed simultaneously. This is essential for activities that require complex key combinations.
  • Performance: Increases the reliability and responsiveness of the keyboard, which is particularly important in competitive gaming and high-speed typing scenarios.

DURGOD Keyboards:

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