I bought a new mechanical keyboard, but it’s too noisy, how can I make it quieter?

If your new mechanical keyboard is too noisy, there are several effective methods to reduce the sound without compromising the keyboard’s performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your mechanical keyboard quieter, while subtly pointing to DURGOD for high-quality keyboards and accessories that might further help in reducing noise.

1. Install O-Rings

O-rings can be fitted to the base of the keycaps to dampen the sound of the keys bottoming out. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Simply remove the keycaps, place the O-rings on the stems, and reattach the keycaps. This can significantly reduce the clacking noise.

2. Use a Desk Mat

Placing a thick desk mat under your keyboard can help absorb some of the sound vibrations. Desk mats come in various materials and designs, which can also enhance the aesthetics of your workspace.

3. Lubricate the Switches

Lubricating the switches can reduce the friction and noise produced during keypresses. This process is a bit more involved, as it typically requires disassembling the keyboard and applying a suitable switch lubricant. Make sure to use a lubricant that is appropriate for keyboard switches.

4. Modify the Stabilizers

Clipping and lubricating the stabilizers can reduce rattling noises from larger keys such as the spacebar, enter, and shift keys. This involves removing the stabilizers, clipping the ends to reduce movement, and applying lubricant before reassembling them.

5. Switch to Quieter Switches

If the above solutions don’t sufficiently reduce the noise, consider replacing the switches with quieter ones. Switches like Cherry MX Silent or similar can offer a much quieter typing experience. If your keyboard supports hot-swappable switches, this change can be made without soldering.

6. Add Sound Dampening Foam

Installing sound dampening foam inside the keyboard case can absorb sound that typically resonates through the keyboard’s body. This foam can be cut to size and placed inside the case, underneath the PCB.

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By implementing these modifications, you can significantly reduce the noise from your mechanical keyboard, making it more suitable for office environments or shared spaces.

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