Mechanical Keyboard Brown Switches

Kailh Turbo Brown Switch Mechanical Keyboard Brown Switches


Kailh Turbo Brown | Tactile Silent Mechanical Keyboard Brown Switch

  • Operation force 40±10gf
  • Tactile force 55±10gf
  • Pre-travel 1.9mm±0.4mm
  • 80,000,000 cycles operation life


Kailh Turbo Brown/ Silent Brown Switch are All Launched on DURGOD!

Kailh Turbo – Brown Switch

Kailh Turbo – Silent Brown Switch


Kailh TURBO Brown Mechanical Switches

The newly introduced Kailh Turbo mechanical keyboard brown switches come in a diverse range of actuation styles. This series offers something for everyone with five distinct types: Red Linear Turbo, Brown Tactile Turbo, Silver Linear Turbo, Turbo Silent Red Linear, and Turbo Silent Brown Tactile switches. Whether you’re after the classic linear feel with the Red Turbo, prefer the quiet and quick response of the Silver Turbo, or something else entirely, there’s a Kailh Turbo switch to meet your needs. Impressively durable, each switch boasts a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Take an In-depth Look at Brown Mechanical Switch

Brown mechanical switches hold a unique status and enjoy widespread popularity within the mechanical keyboard community. Striking a balance between typing and gaming needs. Brown is known for their tactile feedback. Brown switches offer a noticeable bump at the actuation point without the loud clicky noise associated with blue switches, making them a preferred choice for many users.

The Middle Ground

Brown switches are often considered the middle ground between the linear feel of red switches and the tactile, clicky nature of blue switches. This versatility makes them suitable for a broad range of tasks, from gaming to prolonged typing sessions, appealing to users who want the best of both worlds.

Quiet Yet Tactile

The tactile bump of brown switches provides enough feedback to confirm each keystroke without bottoming out, which is ideal for typing accuracy and speed. Their relatively quiet operation, compared to clickier switches, indeed makes them suitable for office environments or shared spaces. This fact significantly contributes to their popularity among users who prioritize a quieter typing experience without sacrificing tactile feedback. Consequently, brown switches are favored for their ability to offer the best of both worlds.

Durability and Reliability

Brown switches are known for their durability and reliability, often rated for tens of millions of keystrokes. This longevity appeals to users looking for a long-term investment in their typing and gaming gear.

Community Endorsement

Within the mechanical keyboard community, brown switches are frequently recommended to newcomers, primarily serving as an excellent starting point. This is largely due to their balanced characteristics. Furthermore, many seasoned enthusiasts continue to favor brown switches, even as they delve into other options, thereby showcasing their widespread appeal. And this indicates the enduring appeal of the tactile feedback and quieter keystrokes they offer.


The status of brown mechanical switches as a popular choice is a testament to their versatility. It offers a satisfying tactile experience without the noise of clickier alternatives. Their wide acceptance across both the gaming and typing communities significantly underscores their appeal. Consequently, this highlights them as a well-rounded option, particularly for users who are in search of a keyboard that can effortlessly manage a diverse range of tasks.

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