Mechanical Keyboard Case Materials | Which is the Perfect Fit?

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Selecting the ideal material for a mechanical keyboard case involves considering durability, weight, aesthetics, sound profile, and budget. Common choices are plastic, aluminum, steel, wood, and acrylic, each with distinct characteristics to suit different preferences.

1. Plastic: ABS and POM

Plastic is popular for its lightweight, affordability, and variety in colors and designs, predominantly used in mass-produced keyboards.

  • ABS Plastic is favored for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Despite its tendency to shine over time and susceptibility to scratches, it remains a go-to for those seeking an affordable yet durable option.
  • POM Plastic stands out with its strength and smooth texture, offering a unique feel despite being pricier and less varied in design than ABS.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum cases deliver a premium experience with their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal, though they cost more and are heavier. They’re less suited for wireless setups due to potential signal interference.

3. Steel

Steel offers unmatched durability and a stable typing experience, enhancing the keystroke sound. However, its weight and fingerprint attraction may deter those needing portability or a cleaner look.

4. Wood

Wood brings a natural aesthetic, providing a warm feel and sound. The risk of warping and the lack of uniformity are downsides, making it less ideal for variable environments.

5. Acrylic

Acrylic shines in setups emphasizing RGB lighting, thanks to its translucency. It’s more prone to fingerprints and scratches, offering less durability than metal cases.


The best material for a mechanical keyboard case varies based on user priorities:

  • Durability and Premium Feel: Opt for aluminum or steel.
  • Aesthetic Uniqueness: Wood or acrylic can captivate with distinctive designs.
  • Budget and Portability: Plastic offers a practical choice.

In essence, your selection should mirror your most valued keyboard attributes, whether that’s sound, feel, weight, appearance, or cost.


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