What is the Most Commonly Used PCB Material in Mechanical Keyboard?

FR4 Mechanical Keyboard Plate

Unveiling the Heart of Mechanical Keyboards: PCB Materials

In the intricate world of mechanical keyboards, the choice of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material is crucial. It’s the foundation that connects and communicates every keystroke to the computer. Among various materials, one stands out as the most commonly used due to its reliability, durability, and performance: FR4.

Why FR4 Dominates the Scene

FR4, a glass-reinforced epoxy laminate, is the backbone of most mechanical keyboards. Its popularity stems from several key advantages. Firstly, FR4’s excellent electrical insulation makes it ideal for preventing short circuits. Moreover, its durability and resistance to moisture and heat contribute to the longevity of keyboards.

Comparing FR4 with Other Materials

While alternatives like CEM and PTFE offer specific benefits, FR4’s balance between cost and performance makes it unbeatable. For instance, CEM provides similar rigidity at a lower cost but lacks FR4’s comprehensive durability. PTFE, known for its exceptional electrical properties, comes at a higher price, making FR4 the go-to choice for most manufacturers.

FR4’s Impact on Keyboard Users

For gamers and typists alike, a keyboard’s responsiveness and durability are paramount. FR4 ensures that keyboards can withstand intense sessions without compromising on performance. Additionally, its widespread use allows for more affordable mechanical keyboards without sacrificing quality.

DURGOD’s Commitment to Quality with FR4

Brands like DURGOD leverage FR4’s qualities to create keyboards that stand the test of time. By choosing FR4, DURGOD ensures that every keystroke is accurately registered, providing users with a reliable tool for gaming, work, and everything in between.

The Significance of FR4 in Mechanical Keyboards

In conclusion, FR4’s dominance as the most commonly used PCB material in mechanical keyboards is well-deserved. It offers an unparalleled blend of durability, performance, and affordability. For users, this means access to high-quality keyboards that enhance their gaming and typing experience. As the mechanical keyboard industry continues to evolve, FR4 remains at its core, a testament to its enduring relevance and utility.


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