Plastic vs. Metal Mechanical Keyboard | The Race is On!


Comparing plastic and metal mechanical keyboards requires assessing build quality, durability, aesthetics, weight, and cost, each offering unique advantages and challenges.

Plastic Mechanical Keyboards


  1. Lightweight: Enhances portability.
  2. Cost-Effective: More affordable in both production and purchase.
  3. Variety: Comes in numerous colors and designs.
  4. Comfort: Offers a lighter, warmer touch, preferred by some for prolonged use.


  1. Build Quality: May feel less premium than metal counterparts.
  2. Durability: Prone to damage from impacts.
  3. Stability: Less desk stability due to its lighter weight.

Metal Mechanical Keyboards


  1. Durability: Offers greater resistance to wear.
  2. Stability: The heavier build ensures desk stability.
  3. Premium Feel: Favored for solid, quality sensation.
  4. Aesthetics: Provides a sleek, professional look.


  1. Weight: Less portable due to heaviness.
  2. Cost: Typically pricier than plastic options.
  3. Temperature Sensitivity: Can feel cold in lower temperatures.
  4. Signal Latency or Delay: Metal may interfere with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth signals, affecting transmission.

Decision Factors

  • Usage and Portability: Plastic keyboards suit frequent travelers, whereas metal’s weight is negligible for stationary use.
  • Budget: Plastic options cater to tighter budgets; metal signifies a higher-end investment.
  • Aesthetics and Feel: User preference between metal’s premium aesthetics or plastic’s varied designs plays a crucial role.
  • Environment: The climate may influence the comfort of using a metal keyboard.


Choosing between plastic and metal mechanical keyboards depends on personal preferences, usage habits, and budget constraints. Plastic models offer affordability and variety, appealing to a broader audience. Metal keyboards, valued for durability and aesthetic appeal, require a higher investment. Ultimately, the decision should reflect the user’s specific needs in terms of functionality, style, and cost.


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