Side Engraved Keycaps – A Little Special for Mechanical Keyboards

99 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Wired PBT Side Engraved Under Light Position Gradient

Customizing Your Keyboard with Side Engraved Keycaps: A guide to personalizing your mechanical keyboard with side printed keycaps for a unique and minimalist aesthetic.

Introduction to Side Engraved Keycaps

Side-engraved keycaps are also referred to as side-printed or side-lit keycaps. They stand out for their design where legends are intricately engraved on the sides rather than the top. This innovative approach caters to keyboard enthusiasts seeking a blend of minimalist aesthetics and enhanced durability.

Description and Features

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: These keycaps boast a sleek, uncluttered appearance, maintaining a smooth, blank top surface. Their minimalist design is in line with contemporary trends, appealing to those desiring a sophisticated setup.
  2. Durability: Positioned on the side, the legends resist wear from finger friction, offering longevity that outpaces traditional top-printed keycaps. This ensures that the legends stay legible over time.
  3. Material Quality: DURGOD opts for premium materials like PBT for these keycaps, renowned for their durability and resistance to shine, further extending their lifespan.
  4. Backlight Compatibility: In backlit models, these keycaps deliver a distinctive aesthetic by highlighting the key rather than the legend, creating a subtle, elegant lighting effect.
  5. Typing Experience: The smooth top surface may offer a unique typing sensation, favored by those who type extensively. The uniform key surface contributes to a consistent feel.

Analysis and Marketing Potential

  1. Target Audience: These keycaps attract a specific yet expanding group of keyboard aficionados who value both form and function, including professionals, programmers, and writers who prefer minimalist design.
  2. Brand Differentiation: Featuring side engraved keycaps can distinguish DURGOD in a competitive market. This distinctiveness is a potent draw in marketing strategies, underscoring the fusion of style and durability.
  3. SEO Optimization: Focusing on keywords such as “minimalist mechanical keyboards,” “durable keycaps,” and “professional mechanical keyboards” can enhance search engine visibility, attracting those in search of high-quality keyboard solutions.
  4. Community Engagement: By actively participating in keyboard communities online and offline, DURGOD can gauge consumer preferences, generating interest in these unique keycaps. Showcasing the keycaps through influencers or user-generated content can emphasize their appeal.
  5. Product Line Expansion: Integrating side engraved keycaps into existing or new special edition keyboard lines could appeal to both loyal and new customers drawn by the novel design.
  6. Educational Marketing: Given that some consumers may be unfamiliar with side engraved keycaps, educational content highlighting their advantages can foster interest and inform potential buyers.
  7. Feedback and Improvement: Continually collecting and incorporating user feedback ensures these keycaps meet DURGOD’s standards of excellence in design and durability.


In conclusion, side engraved keycaps present a unique opportunity for DURGOD. All is to solidify its reputation as a pioneer in the mechanical keyboard industry. Leveraging their distinct aesthetic, lasting durability, and the rising trend toward minimalist designs. DURGOD can capture a broad audience, from professionals to enthusiasts. Success hinges on effective communication of these benefits, aligned with DURGOD’s commitment to quality.


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