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Keycap profile heights play a pivotal role in the mechanical keyboard experience, affecting both ergonomics and aesthetics. Each profile offers a distinct typing feel and sound, catering to various user preferences and typing habits. Let’s delve into the main keycap profiles available in the mechanical keyboard market.

OEM Profile

  • Description: The OEM profile is ubiquitous, and found on many stock keyboards.
  • Height: It features sculpted rows with varying heights to support an ergonomic typing posture:
    • Row 1: ~11mm
    • Row 2: ~10mm
    • Row 3: ~9mm
    • Row 4: ~8mm
    • Row 5: ~7mm
  • Characteristics: Its sculpted design facilitates an ergonomic typing experience, making it a common choice for many users.

Cherry Profile

  • Description: Cherished for its comfortable typing feel, the Cherry profile is similar to OEM but slightly lower.
  • Height: The profile includes sculpted rows with heights slightly lower than OEM, enhancing comfort:
    • Row 1: ~10.5mm
    • Row 2: ~10mm
    • Row 3: ~9mm
    • Row 4: ~8mm
    • Row 5: ~7mm
  • Characteristics: The Cherry profile’s sculpted design offers a subdued sound and comfortable typing experience, preferred by many enthusiasts.

SA Profile

  • Description: Recognizable for its high, spherical tops, the SA profile boasts a retro aesthetic.
  • Height: This profile stands taller than both OEM and Cherry, with uniform or sculpted height options:
    • All Rows: ~16-17mm
  • Characteristics: Its height makes it a favorite for custom builds, providing a distinctive look and feel.

DSA Profile

  • Description: Featuring low-profile, uniformly high keycaps with flat, spherical tops.
  • Height: Uniform height across all rows for a consistent feel:
    • All Rows: ~7mm
  • Characteristics: Preferred by those seeking a uniform typing experience across the keyboard.

XDA Profile

  • Description: Similar to DSA but with a broader top surface for a different feel.
  • Height: Maintains a uniform height with a larger surface area:
    • All Rows: ~8mm
  • Characteristics: Offers a unique typing sensation with its wider tops, distinct from DSA.

DCS Profile

  • Description: Echoes the Cherry profile but introduces a unique contour for comfort.
  • Height: Features sculpted rows, slightly differing from Cherry:
    • Row 1: ~10.6mm
    • Row 2: ~10mm
    • Row 3: ~9mm
    • Row 4: ~8.5mm
    • Row 5: ~8mm
  • Characteristics: Its cylindrical top and sculpted design enhance typing comfort.

KAT Profile

  • Description: A modern profile with a smooth curve across rows, blending aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • Height: Sculpted with gentle curves, taller than OEM but shorter than SA, offering a distinct aesthetic and comfortable typing experience.


Selecting a keycap profile is a matter of personal preference, influenced by typing habits and desired aesthetics. From the common OEM and Cherry profiles to the unique SA and KAT profiles, each offers a distinct combination of ergonomics and design. Whether prioritizing speed, comfort, or aesthetic appeal, there’s a keycap profile suited to every mechanical keyboard user’s needs.


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