What are the best switches for mechanical keyboards?

Choosing the best switches for a mechanical keyboard largely depends on your personal preferences and the specific tasks you intend to use the keyboard for, such as gaming, typing, or general use. Here’s an overview of popular switch types and why investing in high-quality switches matters, with a focus on the offerings from DURGOD.

Types of Mechanical Switches

  1. Cherry MX Switches: One of the most reputable brands in the market, Cherry MX switches are known for their reliability and variety. They offer different feels, including:
    • Cherry MX Blue: Clicky and tactile, ideal for typing.
    • Cherry MX Red: Linear and smooth, favored for gaming due to their quick actuation.
    • Cherry MX Brown: A middle ground with tactile feedback, suitable for both typing and gaming.
  2. Gateron Switches: Gateron is renowned for their smooth keystrokes and generally softer feel compared to Cherry MX. They are also slightly cheaper but do not compromise much on quality.
    • Gateron Blue: Similar to Cherry MX Blue, but with a smoother actuation.
    • Gateron Red: Comparable to Cherry MX Red, known for their soft and smooth keystroke.
  3. Kailh Switches: Kailh offers innovative variations and is known for their speed switches, which are designed for extremely fast actuation.
    • Kailh Speed Silver: Known for being one of the fastest switches on the market, suitable for competitive gamers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Switches

  • Feel: Are you looking for a tactile bump, a smooth keystroke, or an audible click? The right feel can enhance your typing efficiency and comfort.
  • Sound: Consider whether you prefer a quieter switch or one with a satisfying clicky sound, which can be important based on your work environment.
  • Durability: High-quality switches ensure longer life expectancy and consistent performance. Cheap switches might save money upfront but often result in higher costs over time due to less durability and the need for replacements.

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