What is 95% Mechanical Keyboard?

In the dynamic realm of mechanical keyboards, the “95% mechanical keyboard” stands out as a perfect blend of comprehensive functionality and compact design. Recognizing the nuanced demands of keyboard enthusiasts, Durgod offers solutions that marry utility with a form that’s slightly more contained than the full-size counterpart.


Delving into the 95% Mechanical Keyboard Layout

The 95% mechanical keyboard ingeniously streamlines the traditional layout, boasting approximately 94-99 keys—just shy of the full-size keyboard’s tally. It retains the essential sections: the alphanumeric block, function keys, arrows, navigation, and the pivotal number pad, but with a refined, space-efficient twist. The magic lies in subtly narrowed gaps between key clusters and modestly downsized keys, ensuring a sleek profile without sacrificing key functionality.


Ideal Users for the 95% Keyboard

This layout is a boon for professionals who rely on the number pad for data entry or shortcuts, such as accountants, programmers, and writers, yet yearn for a bit more desk real estate. Gamers also find value in the 95% keyboard, especially for games that leverage the number pad, benefiting from a layout that supports ergonomic ease, bridging keyboard and mouse more closely.


Points for Consideration

While its compact nature is appealing, the size reduction might be minimal for those accustomed to tenkeyless or smaller configurations. Additionally, the quest for custom keycaps may pose a challenge, given the slightly unconventional key dimensions.



The 95% mechanical keyboard is an ideal compromise for users who desire the full spectrum of a standard keyboard’s capabilities but are open to a marginally more space-efficient layout. It cleverly straddles the line between extensive functionality and spatial economy.


Explore the optimal synthesis of size and performance at DURGOD, designed for both professionals and gamers who seek efficiency without compromising on essential features.


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