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What is a Spherical Keycap?

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Spherical keycap on mechanical keyboards feature a top surface shaped akin to a sphere or part of a sphere, contrasting with cylindrical keycaps that have concave tops with straight sides. Delving into spherical keycaps reveals their characteristics, benefits, and aspects to consider:

Characteristics of Spherical Keycaps

  • Shape: Their top surface is spherically rounded, designed to align with the fingertips’ natural curve.
  • Profile Varieties: These keycaps are available in different profiles, such as SA and DSA, each offering a unique height and shape.
    • SA Profile: Characterized by its tall, sculpted form with a noticeable spherical top.
    • DSA Profile: Offers a lower, consistent height with a spherical top.


  • Typing Comfort: The spherical design enhances typing comfort by fitting well to the fingertips, lessening strain during prolonged typing.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: They boast a distinct, retro look, reminiscent of classic typewriters, appealing visually.
  • Sound Modification: Depending on the keyboard and material, spherical keycaps can subtly change the sound of typing, preferred by some for its uniqueness.


  • Adjustment Time: Transitioning from cylindrical or flat keycaps may require a period to adjust to the spherical keycaps’ different feel.
  • Profile Height: Especially in SA profile, their taller design may influence typing ergonomics, possibly necessitating a change in wrist positioning.
  • Material and Quality: The feel, longevity, and appearance depend on the material (ABS, PBT, etc.) and the manufacturing quality, spanning high-end to affordable options.


Spherical keycap present a distinctive option for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts seeking ergonomic advantages, unique aesthetics, and a classical typing vibe. The decision to adopt them often boils down to personal preference regarding typing sensation and keyboard appearance. Whether in search of a vintage flair or a novel tactile experience, spherical keycaps enrich the mechanical keyboard customization landscape.


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