What is Double-Shot (Double-Injection) Keycap?

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Double injection keycaps, or double-shot keycaps, stand as a hallmark in the production of high-quality mechanical keyboards. This method melds two types of plastics within a mold to forge a keycap with dual layers, merging durability with refined aesthetics.

Manufacturing Process

  1. First Injection: This initial phase molds the base layer using a softer plastic, incorporating the legends (letters, numbers, symbols) directly into the keycap.
  2. Second Injection: A more rigid plastic forms the second layer, encasing the first to create the keycap’s main structure.
  3. Precision and Complexity: Achieving a flawless bond between the two plastics demands exact machinery and meticulous mold crafting.


  1. Durability: Double-shot keycaps excel in longevity. The legends, integral to the keycap’s structure, resist wear and tear, outlasting printed or laser-etched alternatives.
  2. Aesthetic Quality: Offering a superior look and feel, these keycaps feature vibrant colors and crisp legends.
  3. Tactile Experience: The combination of materials enhances tactile feedback, enriching the typing experience.


  1. Cost: The sophisticated production process renders double injection keycaps a premium choice, reflected in their higher cost.
  2. Material Choices: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) are prevalent, each bringing unique textures and resilience.

Popularity and Trends

  1. Gaming Keyboards: Favored in the gaming realm for their robustness and legibility, vital for prolonged and intensive gaming sessions.
  2. Custom Mechanical Keyboards: Keyboard enthusiasts often select double-shot keycaps for their customization capabilities and exceptional quality.

Future Outlook

  1. Growing Demand: Anticipated expansion in the mechanical keyboard market suggests an uptick in demand for these superior keycaps.
  2. Innovation in Materials: Progress in material science and production methods may usher in a broader array of double-shot keycap designs.


Double injection keycaps embody the zenith of keycap design, blending unparalleled durability with aesthetic finesse. They appeal to gamers and mechanical keyboard aficionados alike, who seek quality and endurance in their keyboard components. Despite their premium price, the lasting value and tactile benefits they provide justify the investment for those prioritizing long-term quality and style in their keyboards. As the mechanical keyboard landscape progresses, double-shot keycaps are poised to maintain their status as a sought-after option for high-end configurations.


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