What is POM Material?

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Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Polyacetal or Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a technical plastic in the global chemical market.

Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Acetal or Delrin, is a thermoplastic polymer celebrated for its exceptional qualities. It’s widely appreciated in industries requiring precision parts due to its unique blend of stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. Specifically, its application in mechanical keyboards and computer accessories has garnered attention for enhancing durability and user experience.

POM Material Properties

Strength and Rigidity: POM stands out for its remarkable tensile strength, ensuring components remain resilient under stress.

Friction and Wear Resistance: Its low friction surface is pivotal for parts in constant movement, minimizing wear over time.

Dimensional Stability: Maintaining shape across various environmental conditions, POM is ideal for precision components.

Chemical and Thermal Resistance: Offering durability against solvents and stable performance under temperature fluctuations, though not the most heat-resistant.


Applications in Mechanical Keyboards

For Keycaps: POM keycaps are sought after for their smooth texture and longevity, providing a distinct typing feel and quieter keystrokes.

In Switch Components: Utilized in switch mechanisms for its smooth operation and durability, ensuring a consistent typing experience without rapid wear.

Stabilizers: The material’s attributes make it a strong candidate for stabilizer construction, enhancing the stability and lifespan of larger keys.


Broadening to Computer Accessories

Moving Parts: Gears and joints in accessories benefit from POM’s low friction and strength, optimizing functionality and lifespan.

Mouse Feet: Some premium mice feature POM feet for effortless gliding over surfaces, courtesy of the material’s slick nature.

Connectors and Housing: Its resistance to chemicals and physical stresses makes POM ideal for durable connectors and protective housings.


Analysis and Comparisons

Versus ABS and PBT: POM keycaps offer an alternative to ABS’s shininess and PBT’s texture, balancing durability with a unique smooth feel.

Environmental Impact: Despite being a plastic, POM’s durability can potentially reduce waste by prolonging product lifespans.

Cost Implications: Superior properties may elevate the cost of POM components, influencing the final price of peripherals incorporating this material.

In summary, POM’s remarkable characteristics, including high mechanical strength, low friction, and excellent stability, position it as a premier choice for mechanical keyboard components and computer accessories. Its deployment across various applications not only improves the durability and functionality of products but also enriches the user experience with its unique tactile qualities.


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