What is PORON?

poron keyboard foam

In the niche realm of mechanical keyboards, “PORON” stands out as a remarkable foam material, enhancing keyboard functionality and sensation. Celebrated for its outstanding properties, PORON foam is a favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Let’s delve into the distinctiveness of PORON: What is PORON?

Composition Insights

PORON, a urethane foam crafted by Rogers Corporation, is known for its lasting durability and uniform density. This foam is extensively used in various applications, including mechanical keyboards.

Prime Attributes

a. Unmatched Durability: It resists wear and tear, maintaining its features over time.

b. Superior Compression Set Resistance: Crucial for consistent key presses, PORON returns to its original form after being compressed.

c. Minimal Outgassing: Essential for electronic devices, it releases negligible gases.

d. Excellent Impact Absorption: Contributes to noise reduction and enhances tactile response.

Mechanical Keyboards Applications

Sound Dampening

PORON serves as a sound-dampening layer, reducing keypress noise for a quieter typing experience.

Enhanced Typing Feel

Adding PORON can offer a more gratifying typing sensation by mitigating reverberation inside the keyboard case.

Gasket Usage

Selected for high-end or bespoke keyboards, PORON in gasket mounts softens the connection between the plate and case, refining the typing feel.

Under-Switch Pads

Incorporating PORON pads beneath switches minimize noise on key press down, adding a cushioned feel.


● Tailoring Potential

Enthusiasts often turn to PORON foam for customized modifications to adjust acoustic and tactile qualities.

● Thickness and Density

The selection of PORON foam’s thickness and density critically affects sound absorption and keyboard responsiveness.

● Investment and Accessibility

While PORON enhances the keyboard experience, consequently, it may also increase costs, with variable availability.


In conclusion, PORON’s application within mechanical keyboards is greatly appreciated.

Primarily for its exceptional sound-dampening and touch-enhancement properties.

Significantly, through its contributions to soundproofing and its roles in both premium and customized keyboard endeavors, it illustrates how advanced materials can profoundly impact user interaction.

Consequently, this opens up opportunities for customization and enhancements, thereby enriching the overall typing experience.

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