You Better NOT to Do These Things to Your Mechanical Keyboard

spilled water on a keyboard

Mechanical keyboards boast durability, yet they’re not invincible against misuse or lack of care. To maintain your mechanical keyboard’s peak condition, heed these five crucial precautions:

  1. Avoid Spills: Clearly, keeping liquids away from your keyboard is paramount. Spills can necessitate expensive replacements. Should accidents occur, promptly unplug the keyboard and eliminate as much liquid as possible. Consult your keyboard’s maintenance guide for model-specific cleaning advice after a spill.
  2. Neglecting Regular Cleaning: Owning a mechanical keyboard entails a commitment to its maintenance. Neglecting regular cleanings can lead to sticky keys or diminish their lifespan. Keyboards can gather considerable dirt and germs, thus integrating cleaning into your routine safeguards against these problems.
  3. Improper Cleaning Methods: While cleaning your keyboard is vital, incorrect methods can cause harm. Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, particularly when using chemicals or disassembling keyboard parts. Different models may demand distinct care techniques; understanding the needs of your specific model is crucial.
  4. Avoid Venting Frustration on Your Keyboard: Intense gaming sessions can elicit frustration, but it’s detrimental to lash out at your keyboard. Harshly striking or pounding the keys can cause damage, necessitating expensive repairs. Seek alternative stress-relief methods that won’t jeopardize your keyboard’s integrity.
  5. Incorrect Transport: Handle your keyboard with care during transportation. Improper handling can inflict damage akin to aggressive usage. Employing a protective case or a keyboard sling designed for safe transport can protect your keyboard from impacts and ensure its safety alongside your other gaming gear.

Sharing experiences of keyboard damage and repair solutions can aid others. By sidestepping these common pitfalls, you can ensure your mechanical keyboard continues to operate effectively and last longer.


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