What is a 100% Mechanical Keyboard?

The Classic Appeal of the 100% Mechanical Keyboard

In a realm filled with various keyboard sizes, the “100% mechanical keyboard” emerges as the quintessential, fully-featured option. Durgod, a distinguished name in the mechanical keyboard market, fervently supports this conventional layout, cherished for its comprehensive functionality and familiarity.

Defining a 100% Mechanical Keyboard

A 100% mechanical keyboard, also recognized as a full-size keyboard, generally encompasses about 104 to 105 keys. This range includes the complete alphanumeric section, a dedicated number pad, function keys, navigational keys, and a cluster for arrow keys. Essentially, it integrates every standard key, positioning it as the preferred choice for those requiring an extensive selection of keys without compromise.

The Unmatched Versatility of Full-Size Keyboards

The full-size layout is indispensable for professionals, such as accountants who depend on numerical data entry, or programmers who regularly utilize navigational keys. Gamers also benefit from the 100% mechanical keyboard, particularly in games where the number pad can provide a tactical advantage.

In office environments, these keyboards offer unmatched functionality, placing every necessary key and shortcut within easy reach. Moreover, the full-size layout is favored by traditionalists who value the conventional keyboard configuration and feel.

Choosing a Full-Size Keyboard: Things to Consider

However, the broader footprint of a 100% keyboard means it occupies more desk space. This could be suboptimal for those with restricted work areas or who prefer a more streamlined setup. Additionally, compared to smaller variants, it offers reduced portability.

Who Should Opt for a full key Mechanical Keyboard?

This keyboard layout is perfectly suited for individuals who require access to every conventional key without needing to switch to secondary layers or functions. It’s particularly suitable for those in data-heavy professions, gaming aficionados desiring a complete range of keys, and anyone who enjoys the classic keyboard experience.


Ultimately, the 100% mechanical keyboard stands as a monument to the lasting appeal of the traditional keyboard layout. It provides functionality and comfort to a broad spectrum of users, making it an enduring selection in the continuously evolving keyboard landscape.


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