What is a 80% Mechanical Keyboard?

Navigating the Realm of 80% Mechanical Keyboards

In the vibrant landscape of mechanical keyboards, the “80% mechanical keyboard,” also known as a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, stands out for its blend of compactness and functionality. Brands like Durgod are at the forefront, championing this format among office workers and gaming enthusiasts alike.

The Layout and Functionality of an 80% Mechanical Keyboard

Typically, an 80% mechanical keyboard features around 87 to 88 keys. This design encompasses the full alphanumeric section, a dedicated function row, arrow keys, and standard modifiers. Its defining characteristic is the omission of the number pad, rendering it more compact while maintaining nearly all the functionalities of a full-size keyboard.

Why Opt for an 80 Mechanical Keyboard?

Choosing an 80% mechanical keyboard is ideal for those who seldom use the number pad. It offers a cleaner desk setup, enhancing space for mouse movement—a boon for gamers. Additionally, this layout promotes a more ergonomic setup, allowing for a centered and comfortable typing posture.

However, the absence of a number pad may be a drawback for users who depend on it for data entry or calculations. Adapting from a full-size keyboard may also require some adjustment.

Ideal Users for the 80 Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard layout suits office workers and gamers looking for a clutter-free desk without compromising essential functionalities. It’s equally beneficial for individuals working in limited spaces or in need of a keyboard that’s more portable than full-size models.

The 80% keyboard marries minimalism with practicality, appealing to a broad audience—from professionals valuing its sleek, effective design to gamers who cherish additional mouse space.


The 80% mechanical keyboard exemplifies efficient design, delivering a streamlined experience without skimping on vital keys. It represents a judicious choice for anyone aiming to enhance their workspace for productivity or gaming pursuits.


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