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N Key Rollover

N Key Rollover

Understanding Rollover

NKRO, standing for “N-Key Rollover,” is a feature in many mechanical keyboards, cherished by gamers and typists for its unparalleled accuracy and reliability during key presses. To grasp NKRO’s importance, let’s first explore what “rollover” means in keyboard terminology.

Rollover indicates the number of keys a keyboard can recognize simultaneously. Traditional keyboards might only manage two or three concurrent presses, leading to “ghosting”—the failure to register additional keys or the incorrect registration of keys.

N-Key Rollover (NKRO)

Enter NKRO keyboards, which transcend the limitations of their conventional counterparts. The “N” in NKRO symbolizes “any number,” meaning these keyboards can accurately detect every key pressed together, regardless of quantity.


Benefits of NKRO Keyboards include:

  1. Anti-Ghosting: They eliminate ‘ghosting,’ ensuring all simultaneous key actions are recognized.
  2. Precision: Essential for activities necessitating multiple key presses, enhancing gaming strategies, or typing speed.
  3. Gaming Excellence: Allows gamers to perform intricate actions without fear of unregistered key presses.
  4. Typing Efficiency: Enables swift typists to maintain accuracy, pressing numerous keys swiftly without errors.

Technical Aspects

Technically, NKRO keyboards adopt a sophisticated key scanning mechanism, distinguishing each key action independently. While initially favored with PS/2 connections due to USB restrictions, technological advancements now facilitate full NKRO over USB.

Considerations and Potential Overkill

However, consider that NKRO, while technically impressive, exceeds the needs of most users who seldom press many keys at once. It’s a luxury rather than a must-have for the average person. Additionally, NKRO keyboards can be costlier, so evaluate whether the extra expense aligns with your requirements. Some older systems or BIOS setups might not support NKRO, potentially causing compatibility issues.


In conclusion, NKRO keyboards are the apex of keyboard design for key rollover capability, ideal for gaming and rapid typing where simultaneous key presses are common. Despite their technical superiority, the tangible benefits for everyday users might not always outweigh the additional cost. Thus, assessing your specific needs is crucial before choosing an NKRO keyboard.


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