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UK Keyboard Layout | DURGOD K320

UK Layout

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US Layout


When diving into the world of mechanical keyboards, one essential aspect to consider is the keyboard layouts. This encompasses more than just the arrangement of keys; it defines the ergonomic and functional experience of typing. With terms like “ANSI,” “ISO,” and more, understanding these layouts is key to choosing the best mechanical keyboard for your needs.



The most common layouts are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The ANSI layout is prevalent in the United States, featuring a smaller Enter key and an additional left Shift key. Conversely, the ISO layout, common in Europe, includes a larger Enter key and one less key in the main section. These subtle differences can significantly impact typing comfort and efficiency, making it vital to choose a layout that suits your typing style.



Durgod understands the importance of personal preference in keyboard layouts. Catering to diverse needs, Durgod offers a range of mechanical keyboards in various layouts, including both ANSI and ISO standards. Whether you’re looking for the “best mechanical keyboard for Mac,” “best mechanical keyboard for Windows,” or a “wireless mechanical keyboard,” Durgod’s selection ensures that every user can find a keyboard that feels tailor-made.



Language Keycap Layouts

Recognizing the global diversity of its users, Durgod goes a step further by accommodating a wide array of language keycap layouts. This commitment means that whether you’re typing in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, or any other major language, Durgod has a keyboard that suits your linguistic needs. This versatility not only reflects Durgod’s global reach but also its dedication to providing an inclusive and personalized typing experience for users worldwide.



In the ever-evolving world of mechanical keyboards, the right layout can enhance your typing experience significantly. Durgod’s commitment to providing customer-centric options means that no matter your layout preference, you can find a satisfying and high-quality mechanical keyboard.


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