Gaming Mouse Keyboard Combo

Discover the ultimate gaming experience with the DURGOD GK90 and GM90 gaming mouse and keyboard combo. This pair is not just about playing games; it’s about dominating them. Designed with pure gaming style, atmosphere, and equipment in mind, the GK90 and GM90 embody simplicity, futurism, and minimalism, making them a top choice for gamers.



gaming mouse keyboard combo

Why Choose the GK90 and GM90 Combo?

The GK90 keyboard and GM90 mouse combo offer exceptional cost-performance. For a competitive price, gamers receive a configuration and quality unmatched in the market. Moreover, their widespread design ensures comfort during long gaming sessions, making them suitable for all gaming scenarios.

Designed for Excellence

The GK90 features ABS quality keycaps and the GM90 is built to last. Together, they offer durability and a sleek design that complements any desktop. Furthermore, the 16.8 million color RGB lighting creates a vibrant gaming vibe, perfect for setting the mood during intense battles.

Unmatched Gaming Performance

At the heart of the GK90 is the Gateron classic optical red switch. Known for its excellent gaming tactile experience, it allows gamers to become decisive controllers on the battlefield. Additionally, this combo’s design focuses on simplicity and functionality, ensuring every command is precise and impactful.

The Ultimate Gaming Atmosphere

The DURGOD GK90 and GM90 combo not only enhance gameplay but also elevate the gaming atmosphere. Their minimalist design and futuristic vibes fit perfectly into any gaming setup, offering both style and substance.


The DURGOD GK90 and GM90 gaming mouse and keyboard combo are essential for gamers seeking to elevate their gaming experience. With superior cost-performance, wide-spread design for comfort, vibrant RGB lighting for atmosphere, and unparalleled tactile feedback from Gateron optical red switches, this combo is a game-changer. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, the GK90 and GM90 are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, making them a must-have for your gaming arsenal.

Buy DURGOD GK90 and boost your gaming experience immediately!

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