Linear, Tactile, Clicky, Silent | Decoding Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The mechanical keyboard universe is dynamic and diverse, hosting a variety of switch types to suit different preferences and applications. Recognized brands like Durgod showcase an extensive selection of switches—Linear, Tactile, Clicky, and Silent—to accommodate every user, from gamers to professionals. This guide aims to demystify these options, guiding you to the perfect switch for your typing or gaming endeavors. Follow this mechanical switches decoding!

Introduction to Switch Types

At the core of each mechanical keyboard lies its switches, each type distinguished by its unique sound and tactile response:

  • Linear Switches offer a smooth and consistent keystroke.
  • Tactile Switches feature a noticeable bump for physical feedback mid-press.
  • Clicky Switches combine tactile feedback with an audible click.
  • Silent Switches aim to minimize noise while maintaining either tactile or linear characteristics.


The Difference of Construction between Linear, Tactile, Clicky, Silent Mechanical Switches


Linear Switches: Smooth and Rapid

Favored by the gaming community, linear switches like Cherry MX Reds or Gateron Smoothie Switches are celebrated for their fast and uninterrupted key travel. They’re perfect for high-speed gaming and are equally valued in environments where discretion is key, appearing in both gaming and quiet mechanical keyboards.


Gateron Smoothie Switches (Linear)

Tactile Switches: Balanced Feedback

Tactile switches, such as Cherry MX Browns, strike a balance between linear and clicky switches, offering a bump for feedback without the loud click. Durgod’s selection ensures a gratifying feedback with each keystroke, making them adaptable for both typing and gaming.

CHERRY MX Brown Switch (Tactile)

Clicky Switches: Audibly Pleasing, Clicky and Noticeable

Known for their distinctive click and tactile bump, clicky switches like Cherry MX and Kailh Turbo Blues are adored by typists for the rhythm they bring to typing, potentially enhancing speed and accuracy. Yet, their volume might not suit every office or shared living space.

CHERRY MX Blue Switches

Silent Switches: Discreet Efficiency

Silent switches cater to those seeking a quiet mechanical keyboard. Durgod presents options such as Silent Reds or Browns. They are designed to significantly lower typing noise while preserving a quality feel, ideal for quiet offices or communal areas.

Kailh Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch

Selecting the Perfect Switch | Mechanical Switches Decoding

The right switch choice aligns with your primary activities: gamers may gravitate towards linear switches for their swift response, whereas typists might prefer the tactile or clicky switches for their feedback. Silent switches are best for noise-sensitive settings. With Durgod’s wide array of switches from leading manufacturers like Kailh, Gateron, and Cherry, finding a keyboard that suits your exact needs is straightforward.

In summary, a deep understanding of mechanical keyboard switches can greatly improve your typing or gaming experience. Durgod’s extensive selection ensures there’s a keyboard that not only meets but surpasses your requirements.


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