Mastering the Art of Lubricating Your Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard Lubrication

In the realm of mechanical keyboards, Durgod distinguishes itself with unparalleled build quality and performance. Whether you’re engrossed in gaming, dedicated to writing, or a tech aficionado, lubricating your mechanical keyboard is a key practice for maintaining its functionality and boosting performance. This guide dives into the essentials of lubricating mechanical keyboard, aiming for a silent, smooth, and dependable typing journey.

The Importance of Lubrication

At the core of your keyboard, mechanical switches greatly benefit from lubrication. It minimizes friction, wards off wear and tear, and eradicates the scratchiness of keys. For enthusiasts in search of a quiet or silent mechanical keyboard, lubrication is a game-changer. It softens switch noise, making Durgod’s keyboards perfectly suited for both intense gaming sessions and focused office work.

Choosing the Right Lubricant

Picking a suitable lubricant is pivotal. A light synthetic grease or oil is typically recommended for mechanical keyboard switches. Steer clear of petroleum-based products to avoid damaging the plastic components. Durgod keyboards, celebrated for their exceptional quality, pair well with most keyboard lubricants on the market. Nevertheless, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations is wise.

Lubrication Steps

  • Disassembly: First, disconnect your keyboard. Gently remove the keycaps with a keycap puller provided with many Durgod keyboards.
  • Cleaning: Before lubricating, ensure the switches and keycaps are clean. A soft brush or compressed air can effectively eliminate dust and debris.
  • Lubricating Switches: Apply a slender layer of lubricant to the switch stems and housing, concentrating on the contact areas between the stem and housing for Durgod’s switches.
  • Reassembly: Once lubricated, methodically reassemble the switches and keycaps, ensuring a snug fit to prevent key malfunction.

Before and After: A Comparative View

The benefits of lubrication become clear when contrasting an unlubricated mechanical keyboard with a lubricated Durgod keyboard. For example, the Durgod Hades 68 experiences a significant reduction in key noise post-lubrication, positioning it as an ideal choice for those seeking a quiet mechanical keyboard. Similarly, lubricated Durgod wireless mechanical keyboards strike a perfect harmony between mobility and functionality, suited for varied work environments.

Ongoing Maintenance

After lubrication, consistent upkeep is crucial. Regularly clean your keyboard and re-lubricate as necessary, depending on how frequently it’s used.


Appropriate lubrication can profoundly enhance your typing experience. Durgod keyboards, renowned for their quality and resilience, greatly benefit from such care. Regardless of the application—be it gaming, professional work, or daily use—a meticulously maintained Durgod keyboard represents a sound investment for any mechanical keyboard user.


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