Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard

In a digital era where the future often overshadows the charm of the past, the DURGOD Fusion Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard stands as a testament to the timeless allure of vintage aesthetics blended seamlessly with modern technology.

This keyboard is not just a peripheral; it’s a bridge between two worlds, combining the tactile satisfaction and durability of mechanical switches with a design that evokes the nostalgic warmth of a bygone era.

With its distinctive retro look, the DURGOD Fusion offers enthusiasts and professionals alike a unique typing experience that is both visually striking and ergonomically sound. Each keystroke is a journey back in time, yet with every function and feature, you’re firmly rooted in the present, benefiting from the latest in keyboard technology.

Whether you’re gaming, typing, or simply admiring its design, the Fusion Retro is more than just a tool—it’s a statement piece, a fusion of the best of both worlds.


The Concept of Vintage Typewriters

DURGOD FUSION Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD Beige Mechanical Keyboard | K230 Fusion Original

K230 Fusion Original

Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard

K230 Fusion Steam

Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard

K230 Fusion Navigator



One Keyboard Satisfies Your Retro Style Desktop and Flexibility Dream


Dedication to bring Retro Mechanical Keyboard and Abundant Historical Background to your everyday life

The DURGOD Fusion Mechanical Keyboard series is not merely a collection of input devices. It’s a time capsule, each variant transporting its user to a pivotal era of human history through its design and functionality. With tri-mode connectivity, (USB, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless), PBT Keycaps, and a bunch of excellent quality materials. These keyboards offer unparalleled flexibility, catering to modern needs while encapsulating the essence of their respective historical themes.


Each Model Represents A Period of History

  1. Original: Back to the 1980s – This variant is a homage to the dawn of the personal computing era, a time when the digital age was just beginning to bloom. Its design echoes the classic, robust feel of the early mechanical keyboards, combined with the reliability and precision demanded by today’s technology. It’s for those who appreciate the simplicity and groundbreaking spirit of the 1980s, offering a nostalgic yet high-performance typing experience.
  2. Navigator: The Age of Discovery – Embarking on a journey to the 15th to 17th centuries, the Navigator edition is inspired by the adventurers who sailed unknown seas to discover new worlds. Its aesthetic captures the essence of ancient maps, wooden ships, and the spirit of exploration. This keyboard is designed for the modern explorer. Especially for someone who seeks to discover and conquer new challenges, whether they be in coding, gaming, or creative writing.
  3. Steam: Industrial Revolution – Steam reflects the transformative period of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Steam variant embodies the innovation and industrial might of the era. Its design pays tribute to the steam-powered machinery that revolutionized production and everyday life. It also features elements that remind one of gears, steam engines, and the raw, untamed power of industry. This keyboard is for the builders and makers, those who appreciate the blend of past ingenuity and present-day technology.

Each DURGOD Fusion keyboard tells a story, not just through its visual design but through the tactile experience it offers. They invite users to immerse themselves in history, to feel the weight of each era’s legacy beneath their fingertips. All while providing the versatility and performance required by contemporary users. These keyboards are not just tools. They are portals to the past, celebrating human progress and the timeless nature of discovery and innovation.


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