The Art of Pre-lube in Mechanical Keyboards


In the mechanical keyboard community, “pre-lube” is becoming a buzzword, notably among leading brands like Durgod. Pre-lubrication refers to applying lubricant to the switches of a mechanical keyboard during its manufacturing, ensuring a seamless and consistent typing feel straight from the package.

The Importance of Pre-Lubrication

For aficionados of mechanical keyboards, achieving the ultimate typing experience often involves lubrication. Durgod takes this concept a notch higher with pre-lube. By expertly applying lubricant to each switch, Durgod guarantees that every keystroke, whether on a quiet mechanical keyboard, a silent one, or a gaming variant, is exceptionally smooth and gratifying.

Durgod’s Mastery in Pre-Lube

In partnership with switch manufacturing titans Kailh and Gateron, Durgod has developed exclusive switch lines, each precisely pre-lubed by specialists. This careful process ensures that every Durgod keyboard, from their wireless models to their acclaimed gaming editions, provides a superior tactile feel and sound quality.

A Comparative Edge

A Durgod keyboard featuring pre-lubed switches, like the Kailh Turbo, Kailh and Gateron Silent Series, and Gateron Smoothie Switches, surpasses standard mechanical keyboards. The distinction lies in each keystroke’s enhanced smoothness, quietness, and uniformity, securing Durgod’s place as a top choice for many.


Durgod’s use of pre-lube marks a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Each switch on a Durgod keyboard exemplifies this commitment, delivering a high-end, plug-and-play experience.



Explore the excellence of pre-lubed mechanical keyboards at DURGOD.

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