Quick Guide for Different Types of Keycap Profiles of Mechanical Keyboards

In the eclectic realm of mechanical keyboards, the selection of keycap profiles significantly shapes both the visual appeal and the practicality of your typing experience. Prestigious brands like Durgod acknowledge this by offering an array of keycap profiles to suit various user needs, from gaming and office work to everyday typing tasks. This guide delves into 15 different keycap profiles to assist you in finding the ideal match for your mechanical keyboard.

Grasping Keycap Profiles

Keycap profiles denote the individual keycaps’ shape and design on a keyboard, varying from flat and uniform profiles to those that are sculpted and contoured. Each profile furnishes a distinct typing feel, making the comprehension of these differences pivotal when choosing the best mechanical keyboard tailored to your requirements.

Keycap Profile Categories

  • Sculpted Profiles: Characterized by different heights and angles across the keyboard to align with the fingers’ natural typing stance. Profiles such as SA, DCS, KAT, MT3, SSP, and Hi-Profile fall into this category, often celebrated for their ergonomic benefits and unique visual character.
  • Uniform Profiles: These profiles, including DSA, XDA, G20, and Uniform R3 SA, maintain consistent height and shape across all keys, delivering a uniform appearance and tactile experience.
  • Specific Design Profiles: Certain profiles are crafted with particular keyboard models or specific applications in mind, like the HHKB profile tailored for Happy Hacking Keyboard models.

Exploring Keycap Profiles

  1. SA (Spherical All-rounder): Features a tall, sculpted profile with a spherical top, renowned for its vintage appeal and comfortable typing feel.
  2. DSA (Distributed Spherical All-rounder): Offers a uniform height with a spherical top, non-sculpted, admired for its versatility and consistency.
  3. XDA: Presents a uniform height, akin to DSA, but with a broader surface area and a flatter top.
  4. Cherry: Exhibits a cylindrical top, sculpted across rows to facilitate an ergonomic typing posture, widely used in contemporary keyboards.
  5. OEM: A prevalent profile on numerous stock keyboards, akin to Cherry but marginally taller.
  6. DCS (Din Computer Standard): Resembles Cherry but features less sculpting and a shallower, cylindrical dish.
  7. KAT (Keyreative All Touch): A sculpted and spherical profile like SA but with reduced height, offering a modern twist.


Exploring Keycap Profiles (II)

  1. MT3: A high-profile, intensively sculpted, spherical design, celebrated for its deep key dish.
  2. Uniform R3 SA: Uniformly matches the SA row 3 height, providing the SA look without extensive sculpting.
  3. G20: A very low-profile, flat-topped, uniform profile, offering a minimalist design.
  4. KSA: Blends SA and DSA characteristics, featuring a semi-spherical top with subtle sculpting.
  5. MIX: A less conventional profile, recognized for its unique blend of height and sculpting features.
  6. SSP: Similar to SA but with enhanced sculpting, giving keys a more pronounced angle.
  7. HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard): Customized for HHKB keyboards, these keycaps sport a unique profile for optimal ergonomics.
  8. Hi-Profile: Mirrors SA but typically utilizes different materials for a lofty typing experience.


Profile NameDescriptionTop ShapeSculptingHeightAdditional Notes
SATall, retro look, comfortable typingSphericalSculptedHigh
DSAUniform height,

spherical tops



MediumUniform acrossall rows
XDAUniform, flat tops, large surface areaFlatNon-


CherryCommon in modern

keyboards, ergonomic



OEMCommon on stock keyboardsCylindricalSculptedTallSlightly taller than Cherry
DCSSimilar to Cherry, less sculpting, shallow dishCylindricalSculptedMediumTypically thinner
KATNewer profile, lower SA, gentle slopeSphericalSculptedMedium
MT3High-profile, deep dish designSphericalHeavily


Uniform R3 SASA aesthetics,

uniform height



MediumAll keys have height of SA row 3


G20Very low-profile, flat tops, minimalisticFlatNon-


KSAMiddle ground between SA and DSASemi-


Slight sculptingMediumNewer profile
MIXUnique mix of height and sculptingVariesChangesVariesLess common, newer profile
SSPSimilar to SA, more pronounced



aggressive angle

HHKBSpecific to HHKB keyboardsVariesDiffersVariesMatches HHKB ergonomic layout
Hi-ProfileResembles SA, different materialsSphericalSculptedHigh


Application Scenarios

  • SA and MT3: Perfect for typists drawn to a nostalgic, high-profile look. Their tall, sculpted form ensures a deeply satisfying typing feel.
  • DSA and XDA: Ideal for those who appreciate a sleek, modern aesthetic with uniformity. Their flat, consistent shape suits a range of typing activities and is popular in custom builds.
  • Cherry and OEM: Frequently found on pre-assembled mechanical keyboards, the Cherry profile is celebrated for its ergonomically comfortable typing experience, preferred across gaming and office scenarios.
  • KAT and DCS: These profiles offer a sweet spot of sculpted ergonomics and contemporary styling, adaptable to various typing preferences and favored in both gaming and professional settings.
  • G20: Its minimalistic, low-profile, and flat design appeals to those seeking a streamlined setup, often chosen for compact and portable keyboards.
  • HHKB: Exclusively designed for the HHKB layout, these keycaps are optimal for aficionados of this specific model, enhancing the ergonomic experience.
  • Hi-Profile: Echoes the aesthetics of SA but crafted from distinct materials, suited for users desiring a high-profile typing feel with a contemporary flair.
  • KSA: Strikes a harmonious balance between SA and DSA, appealing to those desiring a semi-sculpted profile with a modern touch.
  • SSP: Resembles SA but introduces more pronounced sculpting, ideal for typists seeking a bold angle and a vintage look.
  • Uniform R3 SA: Delivers SA’s visual appeal without the extensive sculpting, perfect for those who favor the SA aesthetic but prefer a consistent height.


Little Conclusion

In essence, selecting the right keycap profile should reflect your personal taste and how you primarily use your mechanical keyboard. Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or simply an enthusiast, Durgod’s extensive range of mechanical keyboards with varied keycap profiles ensures there’s a perfect fit for every need.


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