What are the differences between a regular keyboard and a MIDI keyboard, besides the method of pressing keys?

Purpose and Functionality

  1. Regular Keyboards:Function: Designed primarily for typing and data input into computers and devices.Key Function: Each key corresponds to a character or command in a digital form that appears on the screen.
  2. MIDI Keyboards:Function: Used to send MIDI signals or commands to music software or external MIDI-compatible devices, enabling music composition and performance.Key Function: Each key triggers a musical note or sound that is processed through software or synthesizers, often with velocity sensitivity that affects the dynamics of the sound.

Connectivity and Integration

  1. Regular Keyboards:Typically connect via USB or Bluetooth to computers and are recognized as input devices without the need for specialized software.
  2. MIDI Keyboards:Require connection to a music software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to produce sound. They connect via USB, MIDI, or sometimes Bluetooth, and are essential for controlling virtual instruments within the software.

Additional Features

  1. Regular Keyboards:Often include additional function keys, multimedia controls, and sometimes programmable keys that enhance productivity or gaming experiences.
  2. MIDI Keyboards:May feature additional controls such as pitch wheels, modulation wheels, sliders, pads, and knobs to manipulate sounds dynamically during performance.Keys are often touch-sensitive and can include aftertouch, providing additional expressive capabilities beyond simple note triggering.

Design and Build

  1. Regular Keyboards:Focus on ergonomics and efficiency for long typing sessions. Available in various layouts and sizes, from compact to full-sized with a numeric keypad.
  2. MIDI Keyboards:Designed with a focus on musical performance. Available in different key counts (25, 49, 61, 88 keys) to cater to various needs, from portability to a full piano range.


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