What is a 60% Mechanical Keyboard?

The Allure of the 60% Mechanical Keyboard

In the ever-evolving realm of mechanical keyboards, the “60% mechanical keyboard” has become a favored choice for enthusiasts seeking a fusion of compact design and essential functionality. Pioneering brands like Durgod have played a crucial role in this format’s rise to prominence, making it a cornerstone among mechanical keyboard aficionados.

Understanding the 60% Mechanical Keyboard Layout

A 60% mechanical keyboard is distinguished by its inclusion of approximately 60 to 65 keys, representing about 60 percent of the keys found on a standard full-size keyboard. This streamlined layout encompasses the alphanumeric section, a row of function keys that double as number keys, and several critical modifiers. It excludes the number pad, dedicated function row, navigation cluster, and arrow keys, though the latter are often accessible via a function layer.

Pros and Cons of a 60 Mechanical Keyboard

The compact footprint of a 60% mechanical keyboard stands out as a key advantage. It offers an optimal solution for users with limited desk space or those prioritizing portability, like students and mobile professionals. The reduced size also promotes a more ergonomic typing stance by minimizing the distance your hands need to cover across the keyboard.

Conversely, the condensed layout may pose challenges. Individuals used to a full-size keyboard could struggle with the lack of dedicated arrow keys. Also the function row, requiring time and practice to adapt to using the function layer for these omitted keys.

Who Should Opt for a 60 Mechanical Keyboard?

This keyboard is tailor-made for those who value a minimalist setup without forgoing the vital keys needed for daily operations. It enjoys popularity among writers, programmers, and gamers who appreciate the additional desk space for maneuvering their mouse. Furthermore, the 60% keyboard is an excellent choice. Especially for anyone aiming to streamline their workspace while still experiencing the tactile and auditory pleasure of a mechanical keyboard.


To conclude, the 60% mechanical keyboard strikes an ideal balance in the compact keyboard domain. It marries minimalism with functionality, attracting a wide user base.

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