What is a 65% Mechanical Keyboard?

Discovering the 65% Mechanical Keyboard: Compactness with a Twist

In the diverse realm of mechanical keyboards, the “65% mechanical keyboard” distinguishes itself with a unique blend of compactness and essential functionality. Recognizing this layout’s growing appeal, brands like Durgod have adeptly merged the benefits of reduced size with increased utility.

Decoding the 65% Mechanical Keyboard Layout

Typically, a 65% mechanical keyboard encompasses about 68 to 70 keys. It retains the foundational layout of a 60% keyboard—the alphanumeric section, modifiers, and a merged function and number row. Its unique feature? The inclusion of dedicated arrow keys and a select few navigation buttons, such as Page Up and Page Down, missing from the 60% model. This addition positions it as an ideal choice for those seeking a bit more than the 60% layout offers, yet still desiring a compact keyboard.

The Advantages and Considerations

For users who frequently rely on arrow keys and seek slightly more functionality than a 60% keyboard provides, the 65% layout is perfect. It maintains the portability and space efficiency of a mini mechanical keyboard while incorporating those additional keys that enhance usability.

However, this incremental increase in keys results in a marginally larger size than a 60% keyboard, a factor that may be crucial for users with very limited space. Moreover, the unique key layout may present challenges in locating custom keycaps.

Who Should Opt for a 65% Mechanical Keyboard?

This keyboard suits those who desire a balance between compact design and functional necessity. It’s ideal for professionals and students needing extra navigational keys without compromising on desk space, and gamers who benefit from immediate access to directional keys.


Ultimately, the 65% mechanical keyboard offers a distinctive equilibrium in the compact keyboard landscape. It serves those who find the 60% layout too limiting but still appreciate the minimalism and portability offered by smaller keyboards.

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