What is a Magnetic Switch?

In the dynamic landscape of mechanical keyboards, magnetic switches stand as a remarkable innovation, capturing the interest of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Durgod, a pioneer in this space, has significantly contributed to the evolution of magnetic switch technology, notably through their latest Durgod K100 series developed in partnership with Gateron.


How Magnetic Switches Function

Magnetic switches mark a departure from conventional mechanical switches by harnessing magnetism and the Hall effect. These switches employ a magnet and a sensor; pressing a key brings the magnet closer to the sensor, which detects the change in the magnetic field to register the keypress. This contactless operation yields a quicker, smoother, and more durable response.


The Evolution of Magnetic

Magnetic switches have roots in early computing, epitomized by the Hall effect keyboard. Recent technological and manufacturing advancements have made them a practical option for consumer keyboards.


Construction Details

With minimal moving parts, magnetic switches feature a magnet under the keycap and a Hall effect sensor on the PCB, minimizing wear and ensuring longevity.


Understanding the Hall Effect

The Hall effect occurs when a conductor or semiconductor generates a voltage in a magnetic field. In keyboards, it detects the magnet under the keycap to register keypresses.


Advantages of Magnetic Mechanical Keyboards

Magnetic switches offer several benefits, including a longer lifespan due to reduced physical wear, smoother keypresses, and a distinct typing experience. They also accumulate less debris, thanks to the absence of physical contact.


Potential Drawbacks

However, these switches may come with a higher price tag and offer a different feel, which might not appeal to all users, especially those accustomed to traditional ‘clicky’ feedback.


Ideal Users

Magnetic mechanical keyboards, like the Durgod K100 series, are suited for those who value quick response times, durability, and cutting-edge technology in their typing tools. They’re versatile for both office and gaming settings, providing a smooth and dependable typing experience.


Durgod’s Role in Magnetic Switch Innovation

Durgod’s investment in magnetic switch research and development, as seen in their collaboration with Gateron for the K100 series, underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of keyboard technology.



Magnetic switches are at the forefront of mechanical keyboard innovation, offering enhanced speed, durability, precision, and a unique typing experience. For those seeking to venture beyond traditional mechanical keyboards, magnetic ones present an exciting option.


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