What is Optical Switch in Mechanical Keyboard?

Gateron Optical Switch

In the dynamic world of computer peripherals, where innovation pulsates with the energy of a new era, optical switches in mechanical keyboards stand out as a pivotal advancement. As we explore the nuances of “mechanical keyboard,” “optical switch mechanical keyboard,” and “gaming mechanical keyboard,” let’s dive into the optical switch – a transformative technology boosting the capabilities of both gaming and office keyboards.

How Does an Optical Switch Operate?

Optical switches, a refined type of switch, operate through light. When a key is pressed, the switch disrupts a laser beam, instantly sending a signal to the computer. This mechanism, unlike the traditional mechanical switches, offers quicker responses and heightened durability. It’s a defining trait of optical switch mechanical keyboards, marrying rapidity with precision—ideal for both gamers and typists.

The Evolution of Optical Switches

The development of optical switches is a story of relentless innovation. Born from the vast category of mechanical keyboards, optical switches have evolved to provide a unique user experience. Transitioning from physical contact to light-based activation, they represent a significant leap in keyboard technology.

Peeking Inside: The Construction of Optical Switches

Optical switches are engineering wonders. They comprise a light source, a sensor, and a stem that blocks the light path upon pressing. This design forgoes the need for physical contact, minimizing wear and enhancing longevity.

Why Opt for Optical Mechanical Keyboards?

The advantages of optical mechanical keyboards are manifold. They promise quicker reaction times, essential for gaming keyboards, and unparalleled durability, crucial for office keyboards. Brands like Durgod lead the way, showcasing the potential of optical technology.

Who Should Choose Optical Switch Keyboards?

Gamers in search of competitive advantage, professionals who value dependability, and technology enthusiasts eager for the latest breakthroughs will find optical switch keyboards an excellent match. Their unique combination of speed, endurance, and accuracy appeals to a wide audience.


To conclude, optical switch technology marks a significant innovation in the mechanical keyboard landscape. Whether used for gaming, office tasks, or everyday computing, they present an array of benefits making them a worthy investment for various users.


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