What is Average Typing Speed and Words Per Minute?


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Typing speed, often measured in words per minute (WPM), plays a crucial role in numerous professional and educational scenarios. It reflects how swiftly an individual can input text via a keyboard. Grasping the average typing speed aids in establishing benchmarks for personal or professional skill levels.

Regarding WPM Calculations:

  • A “word” in typing speed assessments is usually defined as five keystrokes, including spaces and punctuation, ensuring uniform measurement across diverse texts and typing habits.

Average Typing Speed Insights:

  1. For the general populace, average typing speeds hover between 40 to 50 WPM, adequate for routine typing tasks like emails and document drafting.
  2. Professional typists, particularly in administrative roles, often record speeds of 65 to 80 WPM, correlating higher typing speeds with increased work efficiency.
  3. Specialized roles, such as court reporting, may require typing speeds above 120 WPM due to job demands.

Influential Factors on Typing Speed:

  1. Mastery of the keyboard layout and proficiency in touch typing markedly influence typing speed.
  2. Younger individuals or those with consistent practice generally achieve faster speeds.
  3. The keyboard type, its layout, and tactile feedback can affect typing accuracy and speed.
  4. Ergonomic setup and individual physical attributes also impact typing efficiency.

Strategies for Enhancing Typing Speed:

  1. Steady practice, including targeted exercises, is pivotal for speed improvement.
  2. Acquiring touch typing skills, where each finger is allocated a specific keyboard section, can significantly elevate typing speed.
  3. Fine-tuning workspace ergonomics can lessen fatigue and enhance typing velocity.


To summarize, average typing speeds vary across professions and are influenced by factors like age, experience, and keyboard familiarity. The general populace averages around 40-50 WPM, while professional typists may achieve higher. Enhancing typing speed entails consistent practice, learning touch typing, and optimizing the ergonomic workspace setup. As typing remains an essential skill in the digital age, dedicating time to improve typing speed yields considerable benefits for both professional and personal tasks.


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