A Simple Approach to Mechanical Keyboard Sizes

echanical keyboards offer an intriguing and varied landscape, presenting an assortment of sizes that cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements. Ranging from the minimalistic 60% keyboards to the comprehensive full-size versions, grasping the spectrum of available choices is crucial for identifying the ideal keyboard for you. In this quick exploration of mechanical keyboard sizes, we’ll delve into popular options such as TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboards, among other adaptable models, highlighting their unique features. This journey through the diverse world of mechanical keyboards will not only enlighten but also assist in making a well-informed decision for your typing needs.



DURGOD K310                                                                                                          DURGOD K610


The measurement of a mechanical keyboard is typically defined by the number of keys it has. A “full-size mechanical keyboard” usually comes with 101, 104, or 108 keys, including the number pad, function keys, and other standard keys. This format is ideal for those who require a comprehensive key range for various tasks.






60% Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD K230 FUSION



In contrast, “compact keyboards“, such as the “60% mechanical keyboard” or “mini keyboard” focus on space efficiency. These models, which may have around 60 to 65 keys, omit the number pad and some function keys, resulting in a smaller footprint perfect for limited desk spaces or portability.



TKL Mechanical Keyboard



TKL Mechanical Keyboards | Cavalry 87TKL Mechanical Keyboards | DURGOD K615w

DURGOD Cavalry 87                                                                                         DURGOD K615


TKL Mechanical Keyboard



For those seeking a middle ground, there’s the “TKL mechanical keyboard,”. It typically includes 80% of the keys found on a full-size keyboard by removing the number pad. Other popular sizes include 75%, 96%, and the unique 99 keys layout, each offering a different balance of functionality and compactness.


Durgod recognizes the diverse needs of keyboard users and offers a variety of sizes, from the traditional full-size to the ultra-compact 60%. Emphasizing a customer-centric approach, Durgod provides high-quality “mechanical switches,” wireless options, and designs that cater to every preference, making them a top choice for the “best mechanical keyboard” in any size category.


Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or a multitasking professional, there’s a mechanical keyboard size that’s just right for you. Durgod’s range of sizes ensures that everyone can find a keyboard that fits their space, style, and typing needs.


DURGOD, is an established mechanical keyboard brand, and manufacturer with a 20years+ history. We offer a comprehensive range of keyboard sizes to cater to all user preferences and language backgrounds. From compact to full-sized layouts, DURGOD’s diverse portfolio ensures a tailored typing experience for both gaming and professional use, globally.


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