Beige Mechanical Keyboard

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The DURGOD Beige Mechanical Keyboard epitomizes elegance in design and efficiency in functionality. It stands out with its classic beige color, lending a vintage yet sophisticated aesthetic to any setup. Constructed with high-quality mechanical switches, it ensures a tactile and responsive typing experience, favored for both its durability and satisfying keystroke feedback. The keyboard’s compact layout is thoughtfully designed for ergonomic comfort, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, DURGOD is renowned for its build quality, featuring sturdy materials that promise longevity. Its appeal lies in seamlessly blending a minimalist, retro look with modern mechanical precision, making it a top choice for users who value both style and substance in their typing instruments.


DURGOD K230 FUSION Original | Beige Mechanical Keyboard with Multifunctional Versatility, Retro Design, and Classic Contemporary Aesthetics

Beige Mechanical Keyboard

K230 Fusion Original

FUSION of Vintage Spirit and Mechanical Keyboards 

The concept of “fusion” runs through the design and production of the entire product.

It combines modern craftsmanship and retro design elements. It perfectly supports the tri-mode connectivity technologies of Bluetooth/2.4G/wired.


When an era has become history, devices that represent the contemporary era are hard to find.

But the written word can inspire us and remind us of the past.

We hope that this keyboard will not only accompany you in your daily life and work but also convey to you the inspiration and memories that the glorious era has brought to us.

In the future, FUSION and you will fearlessly explore the unknown world, innovate with perseverance, and never forget the original spirit of youth.


Fusion Original | BACK TO 1980s

The raised top panel and the iconic fluted plastic body represent a tribute to our 1980s video games.

The retro color scheme is sure to remind you of a happy and naive childhood.


DURGOD K310 Taurus Tauche | Special Edition

Pioneering and the Very First Model of DURGOD | K310


Classic | Versatile | High-Quality Materials | Posh Configuration 


Beige Mechanical KeyboardBeige Mechanical Keyboard

K310 Corona Arctic White

K310 Corona Space Gray

K310 Natural white

K310 Nebula Space Purple

Digging into the world of classic mechanical keyboard aesthetics on DURGOD K310 Serie.





Explore the DURGOD Mechanical Keyboard and Classic FUSION Serie on DURGOD FUSION and DURGOD.

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