Pink Mechanical Keyboard

Pink tri-mode mechanical keyboard with 99-keys compact layout.

Step into a world where style meets performance with DURGOD’s Pink Mechanical Keyboard. Perfectly blending a vibrant pink hue with the unparalleled tactile experience of mechanical switches, these keyboards are not just tools, but a statement of sophistication and personal flair. Experience typing like never before – where every keystroke is a joy, and your setup becomes a reflection of your unique style. Join the DURGOD family and elevate your desk with a splash of pink perfection! All the pink mechanical keyboard you are waiting for are actually here! 🌸🌸🌸💻✨🌸🌸🌸



DURGOD S230 Cream | Pink Mechanical Keyboard with a Fancy Look

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Introducing the brand new DURGOD S230 low-profile compact 65% mechanical keyboard. This pink mechanical keyboard boasts exciting looks with its air bubble design on the sides and supports versatile dual-mode wireless connections. DURGOD has equipped the keyboard with customized cube-shaped chocolate low-profile keycaps and customized Kailh Choc V2 low-profile mechanical switches.

Release your pressure and enjoy the tactile feeling simultaneously, with this creatively designed and avant-garde pink mechanical keyboard!!

Relax and Pinch the Pink Bubble, There’s No Troubles! 

The Glamorous Pink Mechanical Keyboard | Durgod S230



DURGOD K615w Corona Tipsy | A Pink Mechanical Keyboard with Strengths

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Meet the stylish DURGOD K615W Tipsy, a stunningly beautifully designed compact 97-key mechanical keyboard. First of all, the pink keyboard color itself looks elegant and striking, also, it has a white color backlight that enhances the looks even further. DURGOD K615W keyboard comes with full-key hot-swappable sockets and supports three-mode connectivity. It is a highly versatile keyboard that you can connect with both Windows and MacOS devices with automatic system switching. The K615W promises comfortable typing with OEM height PBT material keycaps. Upgrade your desktop with the DURGOD K615W today!!

No matter in the office or your well-designed gaming room, no matter day or night, enjoy the space-saving, pinky-heart-colorful dream, flexibility, tactile sensation, and good time with K615 Corona Tipsy.

K615 Corona Tipsy – A Pink Mechanical Keyboard with Great Personality.

Versatile and Stylish Pink Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD K615 Versatile and Stylish Pink Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD K615



Kailh Turbo Mechanical Switches – Unleash unparalleled smooth speed and precision with Kailh Turbo Mechanical Switches – the epitome of ‘TURBO’ performance in every keystroke!

Kailh Ice Cream Pro Mechanical Switches –

  • Linear switch
  • POM housing and stem

Longer Using, Smoother Typing.

Classic White Backlight with Stunning Pink Mechaincal Keyboard K615 Classic White Backlight with Stunning Pink Mechaincal Keyboard K615

Classic White Backlight, The Brightest Star in the Dark Sky.



Enjoy the Flexibility and Fun of DIY Customized Keycaps on a Keyboard | Model: DURGOD K100

DURGOD K100 is the latest launched compact 87-key TKL mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with newly launched Gateron Smoothie 100% POM material mechanical switches. The keyboard offers astonishing typing feedback with an incredible in-hand feel, all credited to its KSA profile PBT material spherical keycaps. It offers amazing connectivity with convenient tri-mode connectivity support for multiple systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Get the K100 for yourself and experience the magic of Gateron Smoothie switches!!

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DURGOD K100 Tri Mode Mechanical Keyboard | feat. Gateron Smoothie SwitchesStunningly beautiful RGB Light Effect with Pink Mechanical Keyboard

The brand new Gateron Smoothie mechanical switch has launched, don’t wait! Just feel the tactile sensation that is smoother than a smoothie!

Light guide pillar construction contributes to the greatly fascinating visual RGB effect.


Pink Mechanical Keyboard Series from DURGOD

Besides the pink mechanical keyboards, DURGOD has far more than that, refresh and liberate your imagination of mechanical keyboard with DURGOD! Explore more about the state-of-the-art and special mechanical keyboard series at


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