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Durgod K330W Plus - Mint | Green Mechanical Keyboard

Explore the world where elegance and efficiency converge with the Durgod Green Mechanical Keyboard. Crafted for those who appreciate both aesthetics and performance, these keyboards are a symphony of vibrant green hues and cutting-edge technology. Each keystroke on a Durgod keyboard is a testament to precision engineering, offering a tactile and responsive experience that elevates your typing to the next level. Whether you’re a gamer seeking swift and accurate key actuation, a writer longing for a comfortable typing experience, or a professional aiming for efficiency and style, Durgod’s green mechanical keyboard series are designed to meet your needs. Embrace the harmony of form and function, and let Durgod transform your workspace into a vibrant, productive haven.



DURGOD K330w/ K330w PLUS Mint | Green Mechanical Keyboard with Versatility


Small as it is, this Green Mechanical Keyboard has all the vital organs.

DURGOD K330w | Mint

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DURGOD K330W is an ultra-compact 61-key tri-mode connectivity 60% mechanical keyboard. It supports all the latest and advanced features including double shot high content PBT keycaps, DURGOD Zeus software integration. K330W has in-house developed premium Gateron mechanical switches with a variety of options (Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow). Enjoy a high-end typing experience on the ultra-compact DURGOD K330W Mechanical Keyboard!!

DURGOD K330w PLUS | Mint

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DURGOD K330W Plus is an ultra-compact 60% keyboard with a 61-key layout designed with premium pre-lube switch profiles and full-key hot-swappable. K330W supports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz connectivity with low-latency faster connection. It also has a wired USB Type-C connection. Upgrade your desk space with this wonderful 60% keyboard today!!

For appearance, DURGOD K330w Plus is stunningly beautiful. Based on the basic foundation and function of K330w, including the premium 240 days of ultra-long endurance and battery life, customized Gateron Crystal mechanical switch, tri-mode wireless connection low latency excellent quality.

Furthermore, the K330w Plus is also full-key hot-swappable, which greatly enhances the keyboard’s playability and flexibility. The product also optimizes the sound insulation layers and vibration damping for a smoother and more stable tactile sensation. If you are looking for a small layout arrangement mechanical keyboard or you are a fan of 60% layout, then the K330w and K330 Plus are definitely your Mr and Mrs Right.


Users Real Comment

“The Durgod K330w Plus is the most comfortable 61-key mechanical keyboard I’ve ever seen! As a full-time typist and writer, the keyboard is an indispensable piece of equipment for me every day, and I need to type for a long time. So I chose the k330w Plus Brown switch, very flexible super lightweight portable, the tactile feedback is incredible, the typing has a strong sense of feedback, very comfortable to press. 2.4G connection is also very stable, and the connection speed is very fast, users don’t need to wait for a long time. The battery life is also very long, I used more than a month and the battery still has not been charged. The overall feeling is sooooo amazing.”



DURGOD K610w Island | Green Mechanical Keyboard with premium quality, tactile sensations, practicality, and functionality. DURGOD K620w Island | Green Mechanical Keyboard with premium quality, tactile sensations, practicality, and Portablity.

Excellent standard High-Quality Materials 

Premium Configuration  Tactile Sensation 

DURGOD K610w Island | Green Mechanical Keyboard with Practicality and Functionality

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DURGOD K620w Island | Green Mechanical Keyboard with Versatility and Portability

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DURGOD K610W and K620W are two brand-new wireless mechanical keyboards. Both the keyboards support tri-mode connectivity including Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and wired USB Type-C connectivity. The K610W is a full-sized keyboard with 104 key layouts while the K620W is a compact 87-key TKL layout. Bring home the DURGOD K610W/K620W mechanical keyboard today for a smooth wireless experience.

DURGOD is the ultra-long battery life pioneer and we possess an industry-leading battery Life of up to 360 days in our K610w and K620w models.




Arabian Night     S230 Oasis Alike

Emerald and Gold     Perfect Keyboard’s Soul

DURGOD S230 OASIS | Green Mechanical Keyboard with Magic and Exotic Imagination

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Introducing the brand-new launched DURGOD S230 low-profile compact 65% mechanical keyboard. The keyboard boasts exciting looks with its air bubble design on the sides and supports versatile dual-mode wireless connections. DURGOD has equipped the keyboard with customized cube-shaped keycaps and customized Kailh Choc V2 low-profile mechanical switches.

Emerald and gold color in Oasis model, stunningly charming and exotic in appearance, glamorous outside, and has a strong strength inside.




Durgod K310w Greenish Black Mechanical Keyboard Durgod K310w Greenish Black Mechanical Keyboard  Durgod K310w Greenish Black Mechanical KeyboardDurgod K310w Greenish Black Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD K310W Dark Green/ Greenish Black (Special Edition)

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As the very first, groundbreaking, pioneering, and innovative keyboard of DURGOD, the K310 and K310w are the milestones of the brand.

K310W cherry brownDURGOD K310W Cherry Brown

K310/ K310W with Classic Cherry Brown Switch


The K310W possesses stable tri-mode connectivity and comprehensive functionality, solid and premium quality, fine workmanship and texture. The whole keyboard represents the diligence, steadfastness, and calm of mechanical engineering’s spirit.

The color schemes of K310 and K310w are low-key but not ostentatious, fresh but not monotonous, which is very suitable for use in offices.


Discover the Charm of Mechanical Keyboards at DURGOD.

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