What is a 75% Mechanical Keyboard?

Embracing the Versatility of a 75% Mechanical Keyboard

In the vast and varied world of mechanical keyboards, the “75% mechanical keyboard” stands out as a stellar example of compact design combined with nearly full-sized functionality. Renowned brands like Durgod lead the way in creating these innovative keyboards, meeting the demands of users who seek efficiency in space without compromising on essential features.

What Defines a 75 Mechanical Keyboard?

Characterized by a compact layout, a 75% mechanical keyboard typically encompasses around 80 to 84 keys. It boasts a complete alphanumeric section, a full function row, a dedicated cluster for arrow keys, and several crucial navigation keys such as Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down. Distinguishing itself from the 65% keyboard, the 75% variant often includes additional keys, such as dedicated volume controls, enhancing its functionality.

Balancing Compactness and Functionality

The primary appeal of a 75% mechanical keyboard lies in its ability to save desk space while providing a comprehensive key set. This quality renders it an excellent option for professionals, gamers, and students who need those extra keys for efficient productivity but prefer not to use a full-sized keyboard.

However, adapting to the slightly more compact arrangement may require some adjustment for individuals accustomed to more expansive keyboards. Additionally, the unique key sizing could make customizing with aftermarket keycaps somewhat challenging.

Who Should Choose a 75 Mechanical Keyboard?

This layout is ideally suited for users who frequently utilize function keys and prefer immediate access to navigational commands without the hassle of toggling through multiple layers. It is particularly beneficial for coders, writers, and gamers who value having dedicated keys readily accessible.


Ultimately, the 75% mechanical keyboard exemplifies the perfect equilibrium between compactness and comprehensive functionality. It stands as an outstanding option for those who find tenkeyless or full-sized keyboards overly large but require more than what smaller keyboard layouts offer.


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