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Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

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Discover the epitome of durability and precision with Durgod’s Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard. Crafted for the enthusiast who demands both strength and elegance, these keyboards are a testament to Durgod’s commitment to superior quality.


The robust aluminum frame not only provides a sleek, modern aesthetic but also ensures long-lasting reliability, making each keyboard a worthwhile investment. Engineered for precision, every keystroke offers a responsive and tactile experience, elevating your typing to new heights of efficiency and comfort.


Whether for gaming, professional work, or everyday use, Durgod’s Aluminum Mechanical Keyboards are the perfect fusion of form and function, designed to enhance your digital life with unmatched durability and style.


What is an aluminum mechanical keyboard?

It is a high-end variant of mechanical keyboards, distinguished by its aluminum construction. Unlike traditional plastic models, these keyboards boast a robust and durable frame made from aluminum, a lightweight yet sturdy metal.

This construction not only imparts a premium, sleek aesthetic but also enhances the keyboard’s stability and lifespan. The use of aluminum contributes to a more consistent typing experience, with reduced flex and a solid, reassuring feel under the fingers.

These keyboards often feature mechanical switches, known for their tactile feedback and responsiveness, making them a favorite among typists and gamers. The combination of aluminum construction and mechanical switches results in a keyboard that offers both a luxurious feel and superior performance.


Aluminum Mechanical Keyboards

Expertly Designed and Crafted by DURGOD.


DURGOD HADES | Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD Hades 68 Black Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD Hades 68 White Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD Hades 68 Black Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD Hades 68 White



The DURGOD Hades 68 is a marvel of design and functionality, featuring a robust aluminum frame for superior durability and an impressive lifespan. It boasts versatile RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color combinations and multiple modes, enhancing your experience without needing driver installation. Equipped with durable double-shot PBT keycaps in an ANSI US layout, it ensures long-lasting clarity. Enhance your keyboard’s performance with DURGOD HERA Engine software, offering firmware upgrades, macro customization, and personalized lighting. QMK firmware compatibility adds further customization for power users. The Hades 68 ensures flexible connectivity with both Type-C to C and Type-C to A USB cables and offers cross-platform compatibility, making it ideal for various users, from office clerks, to typists, students, businessmen, and professional gamers.



Hades Black

Hades White


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DURGOD VENUS | Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD VENUS Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard | DURGOD VENUS


The DURGOD Venus 61 is a powerhouse of functionality and style, boasting a robust aluminum frame for enhanced durability. It features versatile RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color combinations and Plug & Play ease, alongside long-lasting translucent double-shot PBT keycaps in an ANSI US layout. Elevate your experience with the DURGOD HERA Engine software, enabling firmware upgrades, key rebinding, and customizable macros. Added flexibility comes with its QMK firmware compatibility, allowing for advanced customization. The keyboard’s flexible connectivity is ensured with both Type-C to C and Type-C to A USB cables, and its cross-platform compatibility makes it perfect for various users. Additionally, the innovative Tap Mode increases functionality, offering quick access to arrow keys without sacrificing standard key functions.



Venus Black

Venus White



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Q&A | Aluminum Mechanical Keyboards

The future trend

The future trend of aluminum mechanical keyboards leans towards increased durability, enhanced aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. As users seek long-lasting, high-quality peripherals, the demand for these sturdy, stylish keyboards is rising. Additionally, the trend towards sustainable materials may see aluminum, a recyclable resource, becoming even more prevalent in keyboard manufacturing.

What are the differences between aluminum keyboards and keyboards of other materials (such as plastic and wood)?

Aluminum keyboards, compared to their plastic or wood counterparts, offer enhanced durability and a more premium feel. They are sturdier, providing a stable typing experience with less flex. Plastic keyboards are lighter and more affordable, while wood offers a unique aesthetic but can vary in build quality and durability.

The technical challenges of the aluminum material.

Aluminum, while popular for its strength and aesthetic appeal, presents several technical challenges. Its high thermal conductivity can lead to uneven heat distribution, potentially affecting electronic components in devices like keyboards. Machining aluminum is also more complex than plastics, requiring precise tooling and processing to maintain structural integrity and surface finish. Aluminum’s susceptibility to scratching and denting can be a concern, necessitating careful handling and finishing processes. Additionally, aluminum is prone to corrosion, especially when in contact with more electrochemically active metals, requiring protective coatings to ensure longevity. These challenges necessitate meticulous design and manufacturing processes to fully harness aluminum’s benefits while mitigating its limitations.




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