Blue Mechanical Keyboard


Step into a realm of sleek design and unmatched performance with Durgod’s Blue Mechanical Keyboard. Engineered for the discerning user, these keyboards are a fusion of Durgod’s renowned craftsmanship and the serene yet powerful essence of blue. Every keystroke is a symphony of precision and comfort, ensuring that whether you’re gaming, coding, or writing, your experience is seamless and satisfying. Durgod’s commitment to quality is evident in the robust build and responsive keys, tailored for both efficiency and durability. For those who seek a blend of style and functionality, Durgod’s Blue Mechanical Keyboard is the quintessential choice, transforming everyday tasks into an extraordinary experience. Embrace the elegance of blue and unleash the full potential of your keystrokes.


DURGOD | Blue Mechanical Keyboard | Hi Keys

DURGOD K710 Hi Keys

75% Layout

100% Polished Performance

and Premium Sleekness


The Durgod K710 Hi-Keys is a compact, 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard that takes all the functionality you’d want in a 75% keyboard and packs it into a sleek, futuristic form factor. Looking down from the top, virtually the entire footprint of the K710 is covered by just the keycaps—giving the allusion that there’s no case.

The board itself is available in two colorways (silver white or dark blue), and thanks to quirky toast-shaped keycaps, the futuristic style brings a fresh aesthetic to any desktop.

The K710 is a dual-mode keyboard that also supports wireless connectivity both in Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz formats for extra flexibility—and Durgod has also included soft, white LED backlighting for a bit of extra class without shining too bright while in use.

The K710 comes fully packaged with color-matched ABS, low-profile, keycaps, and a set of Kailh Turbo keycaps for smooth, high-quality typing right out of the box.


Hi Keys Dark blue

Hi Keys Plus Dark blue




Durgod Blue Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD K100 Silvery | Magnetic Switch Keyboard




DURGOD K100 is the latest launched compact 87-key TKL mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with newly launched Gateron Smoothie 100% POM material mechanical switches.

The keyboard offers astonishing typing feedback with an incredible in-hand feel, all credited to its KSA profile PBT material spherical keycaps.

It offers amazing connectivity with convenient tri-mode connectivity support for multiple systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Get the K100 for yourself and experience the magic of Gateron Smoothie switches!!

K100 Silvery




Durgod | Blue Mechanical Keyboard | S230 Aegean


DURGOD S230 | Aegean | Blue Mechanical Keyboard with Versatility and Cuteness like Elf


The brand new DURGOD S230 low-profile compact 65% mechanical keyboard. This pink mechanical keyboard boasts exciting looks with its air bubble design on the sides and supports versatile dual-mode wireless connections. DURGOD has equipped the keyboard with customized cube-shaped chocolate low-profile keycaps and customized Kailh Choc V2 low-profile mechanical switches.


S230 Aegean



Durgod Blue Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD K230 FUSION Navigator


FUSION of Vintage Spirit and Mechanical Keyboards 

The concept of “fusion” runs through the design and production of the entire product.

It combines modern craftsmanship and retro design elements. It perfectly supports the tri-mode connectivity technologies of Bluetooth/2.4G/wired.


When an era has become history, devices that represent the contemporary era are hard to find.

But the written word can inspire us and remind us of the past.

We hope that this keyboard will not only accompany you in your daily life and work but also convey to you the inspiration and memories that the glorious era has brought to us.

In the future, FUSION and you will fearlessly explore the unknown world, innovate with perseverance, and never forget the original spirit of youth.


Fusion Navigator | Age of Discovery

The dark blue color symbolizes the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean

The white color symbolizes the white waves that rise when a ship sails

The yellow color represents the discovery of the New World of the Americas, as well as the dawn of the historical development of mankind.


K230 Fusion Navigator


              DURGOD Fusion Steam | Industrial Revolution                       DURGOD Fusion Original | Back to the 1980s


K230 Fusion Steam

K230 Fusion Original




DURGOD K600 Serie

New Generation Blue Mechanical Keyboard

with Rigorous Engineering Thinking and Expert Craftsmanship

360 Days Battery Life

Streets ahead of our competitors

*under the situation of 8 hours of regular usage every day, after full battery charge once.


DURGOD K610w Echo/620w Echo

K610w Echo

K620w Echo


DURGOD K610w Corona Echo/ K620w Corona Echo


K610w Corona Echo

K620w Corona Echo


DURGOD K615w Corona Echo


K615w Corona Echo


Eternal Classic DURGOD K300 Series

Shimmering in the Haze


DURGOD K310 Haze Blue/ Corona Haze Blue

K310 Haze Blue

K310 Corona Haze Blue

DURGOD K320 Corona Haze Blue

K320 Corona Haze Blue




Special Blue Mechanical Keyboard from DURGOD

Embellish Your Life with the Only Splash of Blue Color

K330w Ion Storm

K330w Plus Ion Storm

K330w Ice Cream

K330w Plus Ice Cream





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