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S230 Floyd | DURGOD Purple Mechanical Keyboards with Aesthetic Designs

Experience a fusion of sophistication and functionality with Durgod’s Purple Mechanical Keyboard. These keyboards are not just tools, but a statement of sophistication and cutting-edge technology. Crafted for those who dare to stand out.

Durgod has meticulously combined the allure of a unique purple hue with the unmatched precision of mechanical engineering. Each keystroke delivers a satisfying tactile response, enhancing your productivity and gaming sessions alike.

Whether you’re a professional, a gamer, or a technology enthusiast, Durgod’s Purple Mechanical Keyboard is designed to transform your typing experience into a journey of comfort, style, and efficiency. Join the elite who prioritize both aesthetics and practicality and let Durgod elevate your desk setup to the next level.



DURGOD K100 Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Smoothie Switch


DURGOD K100 Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Smoothie Switch DURGOD K100 Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Smoothie Switch




All in One, One for All.

The Best Choice of Functions, Premium Quality, and Cost-Effectiveness

DURGOD K100w Icy | RGB Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

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DURGOD K100 is a brand new compact 87-key TKL mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with newly launched Gateron Smoothie 100% POM mechanical switches. The keyboard offers amazing typing feedback with a luxurious in-hand tactile sensation, all credit to the KSA profile PBT material keycaps. It offers rapid connectivity with multifunctional tri-mode connectivity support for multiple systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Get the K100 for yourself and experience the magic of Gateron’s latest newly launched Smoothie mechanical switch.

Overall, the DURGOD K100 is a keyboard with stylish color patterns, ergonomic structure, fashionable appearance, efficient performance, and ultimate cost-effectiveness. Gateron Smoothie mechanical switch with GASKET soft structure, which makes typing your everyday enjoyment!




Fast   Faster   Fastest

DURGOD K100 Icy | Gasket Magnetic Switch Keyboard | Purple Mechanical Keyboard of New Era

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DURGOD K100 Gateron 20T Magnetic Switch DURGOD K100

If K100w is designed for the normal keyboard user community, typists, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, K100 must be designed for professional gamers, gaming fanatics, and keyboard users who are always chasing ultimate speed and tactile feedback.

Grab your DURGOD K100 magnetic switch keyboard, and be the decisive character of every game.

DURGOD K100, Be the Clutch Hitter!





Durgod S230 Floyd | Purple Mechanical Keyboard with Aesthetics and CreativityDurgod S230 Floyd | Purple Mechanical Keyboard with Aesthetics and Creativity


DURGOD S230 Floyd | Purple Mechanical Keyboard with Cuteness and Multifunctions

De-stress Your Busy Daily Pressure

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Introducing the brand-new DURGOD S230 low-profile compact 65% mechanical keyboard. The keyboard boasts exciting looks with its air bubble design on the sides and supports versatile dual-mode wireless connections. S230 is equipped with customized cube-shaped keycaps and customized low-profile Kailh Choc V2 mechanical switches.

Elegant and vivid purple, light your life up with excitement and embellishment.




K310 RGB Mechanical Keyboard | Your Best Comrade in Gaming Batterfield

K310 Nebula Space Purple | Exclusively Designed Omnipotence for Gaming

Perfection   lighting   scene   experience

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DURGOD Taurus Nebula Space mechanical keyboard is the extension of the super-duper classic look and smooth tactile feedback. A perfect fusion of the Taurus series and Durgod Nebula 1680M color RGB Lighting, equipped with a case of space purple color, it’s like a nebula in the sky, giving you the ultimate visual experience.


The Taurus 310/320 Nebula features a brand-new look that is been painted with space purple color metallic paint. Equipped with high-content PBT keycaps. There is always a visual enjoyment whether the lighting is on or off.


Classic and prestigious Cherry MX switch, equipped with the K310/ 320 Taurus Nebula Space keyboard, offers you more durability, speed, and responsiveness.

K320 RGB Mechanical Keyboard | Your Best Comrade in Gaming Batterfield

K320 Nebula Space Purple | Ultimate Gaming Portability

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DURGOD Nebula Space  A RGB Visual Feast and Tactile Feedback ACE

Fascinating and Riveting Universe, the Mysterious Nebula

DURGOD NEBULA lighting system

The Durgod Taurus Nebula serial features individually programmable backlight keys with 16.8 million color options, all easily set through Durgod Zeus Engine control software. You can effortlessly enhance your gaming experience. At the same time, we will develop more products for the Nebula series, bringing you an ultimate perfect visual experience.


Discover more about the charm of mechanical keyboards at DURGOD.

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