Why Are Mechanical Switches Wobbly?

Mechanical keyboard switches can show varying degrees of wobble, a minor lateral movement noticeable when keys are pressed off-center. This wobbly mechanical switch, influenced by several factors, differs across switch designs.

  1. Stem and Housing Tolerance

  • Manufacturing Tolerances: Stem-to-housing manufacturing tolerances largely dictate wobble, with imprecise fits allowing lateral movement.
  • Production Precision: The precision of stem and housing fits varies, influenced by manufacturing quality and material choices.
  1. Keycap Fit

  • Stem Fitting: The fit of the keycap on the switch stem also impacts wobble, with looser fits exacerbating it.
  • Material and Quality: Lower-quality keycaps may worsen wobble due to less precise manufacturing.
  1. Switch Type

  • Design Variability: Different switch types and brands exhibit unique wobble levels, with some known for their stability.
  • Component Materials: The choice of materials and design specifics, like stem shape, affects wobble intensity.
  1. Keyboard Plate and PCB

  • Mounting Impact: Switch mounting methods (plate vs. PCB mount) can influence stability, with plate-mounted switches typically showing less wobble.
  • Plate Material: The switch plate’s material can also affect switch stability.
  1. Usage and Wear

  • Long-Term Effects: Over time, wear can slightly increase stem and housing wobble.

Addressing Switch Wobble

  • Switch Films: Utilizing switch films between housings can tighten fits and reduce wobble.
  • Quality Switches: Higher-quality switches generally feature tighter tolerances and less wobble.
  • Keycap Selection: Opting for better-quality keycaps can diminish wobble perception.


Switch wobble in mechanical keyboards stems from manufacturing tolerances, keycap fit, switch design, mounting techniques, and wear. While a minimal wobble is typical and rarely impacts typing, significant wobble can be mitigated with high-quality switches, precise keycaps, and modifications like switch films, enhancing the typing experience for enthusiasts.

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